Oh the monkey mind narratives…..

Humans have up to 100,000 thoughts each day.

Many of these thoughts circulate around the same topic. 

Like a little monkey jumping from tree branch to branch, the mind skips from one topic to the next.

I know it may appear to be a cute visual yet the picture it creates in our mind, the fear it can evoke can create immense pressures without our lives.  

Monkey mind can take simple thoughts and fears multiplying them into something they were never meant to be.

Have you ever struggled with thoughts such as…

…what will others think of me?

…how will I look?

…what will happen if?

…if I don’t do x, how will I x?

…if I don’t look like the x?

…I can’t put it out there if it’s not perfect.

I’ve struggled with inter-dialogue allowing it to control me to the point of freezing before a big performance.

I’ve caught myself saying….

…You’re not good enough.

…You’re not meant for this.

…This dream is too big for you.

…Stop thinking you can have it all.

…There are so many more qualified!

It’s horrible to hear others saying this to one another and worse to hear that little voice rumbling around within your own heads.

This narrative followed me for years. 

I beat myself everyday and heard that little voice telling me that this dream, this thought, this vision was too big.  

But then something clicked.

I looked in the mirror and realized that person looking back at me was the only person able to shut that voice down.

What I want to tell you, what you should know…the world needs me and it needs you.  Within each of us are talents that only we possess, emotions that only we can share, a unique personality only we have.  You know the terrible time you struggled through last year, you can share it with another whom is about to walk through that same door. You can help them to navigate through the experience they’re going through today.

You know the massive victory you had last week, you can share it with another to help them succeed tomorrow. 

Whatever you have been through in life, one person may need you to stand up and share your story, to be your best self.

Your past matters. Your future mattes. You matter!

Today,  I want to challenge you to look in the mirror and tell yourself…someone needs me to stand up and share my story.

It’s time to fall in love with the beautiful person you see smiling back at you. Fall in love with the person you were yesterday and the person you will be tomorrow cause you’re amazing.  

I want to you take the risk and bet on you.

BE you!

BE fearless!

BE authentic!

BE unstoppable!

I’m not here to tell you it’s going to be easy but I’m going to tell you it’s worth it. 

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I’m so excited to connect with you. I’m so excited to stand beside you as you step into your amazing life.

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 I want to tell you, you’re worth it.