What is there left to eat?

When I first started my journey on AIP I struggled with what to eat and why I couldn’t have things that were labeled as healthy. Nightshades and giving up tomatoes was a big one as they were a mainstay in my diet. But I want you to know, there are so many amazing foods you can have while you are following Living AIP Paleo and/or AIP28x.

Think of what your grandparents consumed…food without preservatives, dyes, and all the ‘stuff’ we have added. They didn’t run through fast food drive thru or grab a protein bar to hold them over until they went to the club after work. Instead most consumed whole foods, packed their lunch to eat at work, and came home and consumed a meal consisting of meat, vegetables, and starch. After dinner they would have a small bite of dessert be it fresh fruit, homemade pie, or a taste of chocolate. Life is different in our fast paced world but you can change it.

Give yourself the gift of health, time to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal. Select grass fed beef, free range chicken, organic fruits and vegetables. Add colors, new tastes, and spices to liven up your meals. 

Print off the two sheets attached and hang them in your kitchen. I promise you, this all will be more and more easy with each day as you begin to feel so much better.

What is there left to eat…..so many amazing foods!

Start healing today!



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