Last year was a hectic one for me. I had dreamed of slowing down, taking it easy . The thought of not having to run each day to all the commitments was a big dream for me. Let’s be real, I think slowing down to enjoy life, family, the quiet moments is a dream for some many people.

When I dreamed of this it never crossed my mind that we would be asked to social distance and isolate ourselves from the world because of COVID 19.

Now that I have this time it’s so easy to get caught up watching the latest news, surfing the web, scrolling social media. I’ve caught myself  doing laundry rather than creating content,  trying out new recipes instead of writing and connecting with all of you. 

In the days since I’ve started isolation I’ve learned a lot about how to stay on schedule and keep my focus on my goals.

 Here are my top 7 Tips to Improve Productivity to help with productivity in a time of so much time.

 7 Tips To Get You Through Social Distancing and Isolation

Set a schedule 
I’ve loved the idea of having the day to myself, making up a schedule as I go. The day offers so many hours to complete the task at hand and yet without a schedule the hours fly by and before I know it, it’s time to close up shop. That being said, I’ve found that creating a schedule, sticking to my work hours, allows me to stay on schedule. Mind you, I may go off track with a call from a friend or a video chat with my children but my list helps me to jump back on course. 
Prepare the day before
Having the freedom to start and end my day when I want is great yet can lead me to doing everything but what needs to be done. I’ve found that when I plan my calendar the night before time blocking I set myself up for success. The great part about this, I wake in the morning and know exactly what I need to do and the time slots in which I have to complete them. 
Change up your environment
Our environment can make or break our days. Taking the time to get organized, change up the office allows me to see I’m on a new path and ready to attack the day. Little reminders such as moving the desk, changing up the artwork, and painting a new color allows one to approach the day in a new way. 
Avoid Social Media and television binging 
Oh, the dreaded television and all the tempting news, latest movies, and series. Don’t fall for it. Netflix, On Demand, subscriptions are all on the rise during this time. Don’t fall for the latest movie and lose valuable time in creating something great.
Move every hour
Take time to breathe in the fresh air. Get up every hour, take a walk in the fresh air. Call a friend. Stretch. Meditate. Yoga. Get fresh air and a fresh outlook.
Plan your meals and drink lots of water
Schedule your meals and allow yourself time to step away from the office and spend time with family or friends….on the phone or video chats.  You may be right around the corner from your kitchen and the ability to put together quick meals but now is the time to make sure what you put into your body is healthy and nutritious. Keep a big glass of water with you at your desk and fill it numerous times a day. Water, nutrition, relationships, quiet time is so important especially during a time of uncertainty.  
Find a new hobby 
Find something that you enjoy that doesn’t have a goal at the end. Find a hobby that takes your mind off what tries to steal your attention. I’ve recently found a new work out routine. I’ve picked up knitting after years of leaving it boxed up in the closet. Painting, I’ve always enjoyed but haven’t taken the time to pull out the supplies and enjoy. What are things you’ve always thought about doing but never took the time….it’s time.  BTW, I have a new soap making kit arriving today…can’t wait to give it a go. Find something you enjoy and will challenge you.