You were created for a time such as this.

You were created for a time such a this. If you’re like me you’re questioning how you can make a difference, how you can help in this time of crisis.

We watch as the health care workers go beyond what anyone could believe is possible.

But it’s not just the healthcare. We have grocery clerks working around the clock to ensure the stores are stocks. Bank tellers out and helping people figure out what to manage in a time such as this. Uber driver taking food to those homebound. Garbage personnel clearing the trash. Mailman and women getting our mail to us. So many are still out working hard while we’re home bound.

We as a human race were created to work, give back, to do more.

What are you doing?

I talked with a young mom yesterday. She said she couldn’t do anything as her hands were full with little ones all day…I smiled and look at her and shared…

“You were created for a time such a this. You were created to keep your little ones calm, happy, and provide them with a safe place. You may not feel you’re doing anything to help with this but you’re doing exactly what you were created to do.”

How are you reaching out and helping? I read this today and wanted to share.

Viruses are contagious. But so is panic, fear, hysteria, clam, grace, empathy, love, and kindness.
Choose wisely which where you spend your time.

Mark 4 shares the parable of the mustard seed. It’s one of the smallest of seeds on earth yet when planted it grows to become of the largest plants in the garden.

There is a beautiful story in the Bible of a little orphaned girl named Ester. This little girl, simple, alone except for her uncle, had no idea what she was created for, what she was being prepared for. To go from simple orphan to Queen, a journey only God could orchestrate.

What idea have you been tossing around?

John and I enrolled in Lifework Leadership earlier this year. Although we had planned to meet in person the plan has shifted to zoom calls because of Covid19. This week we shared Mark 4. The disciples were in dfasdfasdfsadfs

The disciples panicked under the weight of what could happen in the storm as they were tossed around in the boat. They looked at one another and looked at Jesus….He was sleeping.
Now imagine being in a boat, the seas are so rough you can only hold on and you see Jesus sleeping. The disciples wake him and ask, ‘don’t you care if we drown?’

Jesus looked at them calmly and asked them why they had so little faith.

This pandemic we’re going through, it’s new, the unknown is bigger than the known and yet Jesus is here with us. You have an opportunity to be big and mighty like the mustard seed or be small and afraid in the boat. Your choice.

Animals are 100% in the moment all the time. They don’t worry about what happened yesterday or it may rain tomorrow. Animals are 100% present all the time. Humans on the other hand, well, where is your mind right now? We’re thinking of what we have to do in an hour, what happened yesterday and so much more. Bring your thoughts back to the present and allow yourself to be in the moment. There are great memories and terrible memories. There are amazing things coming in the future and potential pot holes…stay in the moment.

Please share with us what you’re doing to change the world today. To show kindness. To giveback and help another.

Make it a great day.