John and I laughed as we took this picture. We were in Nashville at one of our favorite hotels. The walls were lined with many amazing photo’s, unique pieces of art….just my style.

We stopped in front of this mirror, it goes ‘to infinity and beyond.’  I grabbed my phone to capture the never ending moment. It reminded me, no matter what we face each day, no matter what mud, glitter, happy, or sad moments….we can learn along the way.

1. Be grateful in all things. Life can serve up good and bad, beautiful and ugly, happy and sad. Be grateful for the beautiful times and learn what you can from the not so good ones.
2. It’s ok to trip, call and make mistakes–it’s ok to learn as you go. Trust the process.
3. Silence is a good thing. Getting quiet and turning off the noice can open your mind to possibilities and release of stagnant thoughts.
4. True Friendship is priceless. You know, the ones you laugh so hard with you pee your pants. Yep, I’ve been there. The ones you cry with and they understand. The ones whom reach out and know you’re going through a tough time or a super exciting time sometimes before you realize it. Those friends, Cherish them, cultivate them, an continue to seek them out. Let that friend know how special they are in your life.
5. You are greater than anything this world can throw at you if you set your eyes on Jesus. When you lack strength seek Him.
6. The little moments, they matter!!!
7. Love harder, trust more than you think possible.
8. Balance your emotions. Emotions are temporary. They don’t last.
9. Start your day in the word. It’s like filling your gas tank with the highest grade gas before you head off on a road trip. Pretty on your armor before a battle. Filling your mind with what is right and good.
10. Move your body—every darn day.
11. Water the best source of hydration. Drink it before you grab soda, pop, coffee, you know what mean.
12. Remember, the purpose of God always prevails.
13. The challenge of the day does not negate the purpose of your life.
14. If you’re lost, take your eye off your reflection and put them on God.

Wishing you a day to see clearly and know you are an amazing being created to do great things and don’t ever forget happiness is a choice, not a result.

Now, go do them!!!