I’ve asked myself this question many times. 

Am I ready? Am I enough? 

Was I created to do this?

If you’ve ever questioned yourself, you’re not alone. I’ve been where you are and let me tell you,
Yes, you are enough and yes you were created to do great things in life.

I tell you this and yet I know you question.

You need to know deep down in your soul that you were created to do great things. 

You were given the talents needed to do them. 

You were given a stage in which to stand and share what God intended you to share.

Quarantine, social distancing, isolation, it has made me take a close look at life, at my life and those around me. It’s caused me to cherish the special time on the phone….often times a FaceTime call without giving a call ahead to let others know.  It’s allowed me to write an email I’ve been putting off. Given me the time to reach out to friends I haven’t talked to for awhile. Forced me to look at what I want from life and what I am expected to do with the talents I have been given. 

Are you spending time looking within?

Are you celebrating this time you have been given?

Is it loss of freedom, worry, frustration?

Can I send you a virtual hug and say, “you’ve got this”?

We have friends who are sick and fighting for their lives. Others have lost loved ones and forced to say goodbye too soon. We have friends and family on the front lines and others like us who can work from home. 

Every one of us has a stage in which we were created to perform. Your stage was created for you and you alone. What makes up yours?

What is the stage you dreamed to be on and what is the stage you’re on today?

Let’s break it down and identify the stage you’re meant to stand on…

S-Schedule. Create your daily schedule. The human brain craves structure, schedule. Create your schedule starting the day with the foundation of spirituality. Know who your creator is. Build a strong foundation each day in your schedule and spirituality.
T-Testimony– evidence in support of a fact or statement; proof. Share your testimony. What has brought you to this place you are in. Share the mud, and the champagne. Someone needs to hear what you’ve been through, what you go through, and how you continue on. Your path was created to make another’s visible.
A-Address-Address the issues holding you back from standing on the stage that was created for you. What are you holding onto? Whom are you holding onto that may need to be released?  List the speed bumps or the walls in life and allow yourself to work through them and move on. 
G-Gratitude-I cannot list this enough. Get in the habit of listing 10 thing each day you are grateful for. As you do this everyday, the little things that seem to be a bother start to fall away.
E-Effort-Look at your stage and put all your effort into living the life you were created to live. Keep the blinders on to what holds you back….it’s your stage…focus on what is important. 

You were created to do great things….raise children, cashier at the grocery store, speaker, encourager, pastor, wife, lawyer helping others, doctors, nurses working the front line….the list goes on and on

I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to walk with you on this journey, to help you realize you were created with the talents, wisdom, and the ability to learn to stand on the stage that was created for you. DM me, let’s connect.