“Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.” – Will Self

Since I was young, I’ve always loved to write, to journal and keep a note of all the happenings in my life. I have a stack of journals from years of school, being a young mom, great memories and very difficult times in my life.  I don’t do it often but it’s fun to go back to my journals to see where I’ve been and how far I’ve come.  I still journal today but I’ve found a better way that helps me to stay focused on where I’m headed each day.

I developed The I AM Journal as I wanted a place to jot down my daily thoughts and so much more.  As I designed this special journal I thought about has helped me in learning to journal and I how I could help others with the practice.

First, I wanted to remind myself to spend one hour in personal development each and every day. I’ve always been that person to ask lots of questions. I wanted to hold myself accountable to continue to learn and grow every day.  As I work with clients this little reminder tells them to learn something new each day, to pour into themselves and more.

Second, Acts of Kindness. When I’m having a tough day, I want to remind myself to reach out to another and be kind. It could be paying for a cup of coffee for the person behind me in line or opening a door and smiling as I say hello. Acts of kindness are a s simple or complex as you choose to make them. If you’re having difficult day, I highly recommend one act of kindness…it will change your day.

Third, goal setting has been a part of my life since I was a kid. From the simple things of babysitting and saving to buy my mom hot rollers for Mothers Day (yes, at the age of ten, I bought my Mom a set of hot rollers and she was thrilled) to training for a half marathons and mud races…goal setting is important.

Fourth, learning to speak the truth. We live in a tough world that looks for perfection and when it isn’t found life can be difficult. Speaking the truth, reminding ourselves that we are God’s Masterpiece, created in His image, reminds us that the world does not define us but God does. Learn to speak kindly to yourself. Learn to remind yourself how special you are every day.

Fifth, take the time to celebrate gratitude in life. Our days are filled with blessings in the little and the big moments. Take the time to be grateful for those special moments.

Last, take the time to journal, to remember your day. Years from now when you look back at your life, what will you remember most? It’s time to take note of the special moments.

If you’re interested in The I AM Journal you can find it on Amazon.  https://amzn.to/2k4SMew

Wishing you a day to learn. Asking you to showing kindness on another. Take the time to map your goals. Look in the mirror and speak truth into your reflection. Celebrate you, celebrate gratitude and take time to journal your moments.

Make it a beautiful day!

With love,