What am I doing today? Learning, growing, and reaching BIG!

Our world is a different place than it was several weeks ago. Most of us are working from home. Without realizing it we’ve become teachers, doctors, health professionals, cooks, cosmetologists, housekeepers, fitness instructors, recreational coaches, auto repair, gardeners, computer help desks, cheerleaders, and so much more. Each of us living day to day unsure of what tomorrow holds.

In a time of uncertainty let me encourage you to reach out and grow. We are asked to ‘social distance’ yet we are not asked to stop living. So many amazing companies are giving back with free trials on products, services, and more to help each of us grow while staying safe.

To just a name a few…..
Peloton-free app for 90 days…no treadmill or bike needed.
Studio1-free a seven day trial on fitness.
Yale-free course on happiness.
Audible-free books for little ones.
Bible Study Fellowship-sign up for a in depth study on the book of James.
The I AM Series-free worksheets and more.

Whatever you’re interested in there is a class, a course, or a YouTube to learn more.

Keep growing your mind and your life. One day at a time.

Here’s to standing tall and playing big as we walk this path together. 🙂

xo, Ann