I remember when I first started on this journey. I loved every minute of it. I’d read each day, set a schedule for personal development, mark my calendar and set goals and mini goals.

What I noticed was my enthusiasm was not shared by my co workers.

They appreciated the fact that I was excited about growth but their minds were on different things.

It wasn’t I really started to make a big shift in my life that they started to ask about what I was up to.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when several of us attended a Tony Robbins weekend and later that year all four of us attended a Life Intended event.

So what should you do if you’re developing and the people around you have  no interest?

First, step back and realize this is a personal journey.  Everyone has a life and everyone has a different way to handle it. Your time may not be their time.If you force information, seminars, blogs, vlogs and more on another whom is not ready, generally it doesn’t turn out well.

Second, be the example. Allow them to see what you’re learning by watching your actions not necessarily your words. You have to remember, it took you awhile to get where you are and it may take your friend, spouse or co-worker awhile to get there as well. You can’t force change on anyone.  Be an inspiration to you family, friends and co-workers.

Third, open a window not the door (unless they ask). Let them see the things that you’re working on, but just an introduction not a fire hose. Show them what’s motivating you. Share a few of the new tools you’re using,, the tips and tricks that you’re learning. Leave your favorite books out so they can see them. Pull up your favorite podcasts and YouTube channels, allow them to look at their pace.

Remember we each desire different things in our lives at different times.

Allow your friend, family and co workers to see how you’re growing.

Be there when they start to ask questions.

Be the biggest cheerleader when they start to grow.

We all come from different backgrounds and we all learn in a different way.  Allow them to find their footing and start to discover.