Your behavior follows your beliefs.
What do you believe about yourself, the world in which you live, and your ability to #ripplethedash?
Within each of us, there are talent, gifts, and so much we can use to share, grow, and become all we are made it be.
Are your beliefs propelling you forward or holding you back?

What if, just for a moment, you looked in the mirror and believed in the reflection staring back at you? What if, just for today, you took one step towards the life you dream to live–one step? What if, just for a week, you poured 100% into mapping out the person you always knew you were created to be? What if, just for a month, you created one habit allowing you to move in the direction of your choosing? What is, just for a year, you looked in the mirror with love, you took one step towards your dream, you poured 100% in, created one habit, and you repeated this every single day.

Can you imagine what life would look life in just one day, one week, one month, one year….let’s do it!

Today, believe in the reflection looking back at you. Today, believe in the one that created you.
Believe in the talents you were given.
Believe in the lessons you’ve learned, the failures that taught you lessons, and you’re abilities to change lives.