You have a choice…

Woo hoo, it’s a new year and whether you’re ready or not, it’s here. The fun thing about this new day, new year…you have a choice on how to approach it. Profound right?

It’s up to you. The choices you make each day will take you to where you are to where you want to go or take you away from the goals you have.

Sounds simple right? It is.

Finding joy, finding peace does not depend upon the circumstances in which you are but the the way in which you look at them.

How to find joy….

  1. Plan your happiness…..figure out what makes you happy, I mean really happy and plan it

    out. Whatever it is….go after it. Map it out and go after it

  2. Surround yourself with positive people, positive things, positive light in this world.

  3. Don’t wait. Wait until you lose the weight, wait until you get a promotion, wait until you do

    whatever it is you have to do…..choose joy, peace today.

  4. Let it go. I know it’s easier said that done, I get it. But what if you let it go for a day, then a

    week, then a month. What if you let it go and focused on being happy. Focused on going

    after what you want….what if? There is very little that is needed to live a happy life.

  5. Do it now…not tomorrow, next week, next year…do it now. Never give up on the things

    that make you smile.

  6. Drink Water….I know this may sound funny….and often you look it as a diet/health etc

    however, adding water, in fact half your body weight in ounces, helps to clear toxins and all

    that unwanted junk we put in. It won’t cancel out bad habits but it will help.

  7. You’ve got to move it, move it. You’ve got to move your body. Imagine driving up to a

    stop sign and just sitting there. All the other cars are beeping, going around you, wondering what you’re up to. The stop sign is there to allow you to stop assess the situation and move however often times we approach a stop sign and well, we stop. It’s time to move on. Whatever has stopped you in the past, let it go….keep moving.

  8. Breathe….there’s a song by Johnny Diaz, Breathe. All the things that keep us moving, keep us running in life…take a moment and just breathe. Allow yourself to take a moment, take it all in and be. It’s said one can gain more knowledge in the quiet moments that tens of books we read. Just breathe.

  9. Snack time out. Remember in kindergarten sitting on the matts and having a snack? There’s so much science to it. Stepping back, taking a snack break allows one to let the stress of the moment go and again breathe.

10. Gratitude/Serve/Give- Practicing gratitude, serving others, and giving back allows you to step out of your life and give to others. You want to change your life start each day by counting your blessings. You want to live more, serve more. You want to understand how to engage more, give more.

What are the choices you’re making today to make it a better tomorrow?

Here’s to your choices…..xo